What is the latest secure and stable version of DNN / DotNetNuke?

It’s important to keep your website updated to the most secure and stable release of your CMS platform. Sometimes, however, it’s difficult to know what the best version is. You don’t always have time to keep track of update regressions and software patches — so our team of experts does it for you.

As a courtesy to our customers, we maintain a list of recent versions and the important security updates for DNN / DotNetNuke. Generally, the most current version of your CMS is the most secure, but if you have an older version of your CMS, it can be hard to find information on whether your version is secure or not.

Here is our complete list for DNN / DotNetNuke — Secure and Latest Versions.


DotNetNuke Support Policies
We provide technical assistance for the latest version of DotNetNuke and free, standard upgrades for customers with Upgrade Protection. If you are running a legacy version of DotNetNuke, you will need to abide by that version's support policy.
Detailed Version History
For detailed version information or to report a bug, please visit the DotNetNuke BugTracker.